Studio Report 2012

Studio Summer Recital 2012

Apart from our twice-yearly studio recitals (Summer and Winter), many of our students participate in various other events throughout the year. These include local recitals and festivals in the Temecula Valley area, as well as statewide, national, and even international auditions, exams, and competitions. Our top achieving students compete not only in Temecula Valley, but also in Riverside and Los Angeles counties, the greater Inland Empire, and throughout Southern California. The following lists the many events our students participated in from Sep 2011-July 2012:


Fiona, Josh, Thien Sa, Sam, Kaitlyn & Maggie at TVMTA Honors Recital

Temecula Valley Music Teachers Association Student Recitals: Maggie Liu, Hailey Wiltse, Andrew Tang, Katie Ocampo, Sophie Luyen, Sam Luyen, Thien Sa Luyen, Elina Kuang, Sebastian Mejia, Shania Jin, Nicole Jacob, Anna Ingram, Josh Barber


Emma at MTAC Halloween Recital

Music Teachers Association of California -Temecula Valley Student Recitals: Shania Jin, Fiona Harley, Emma Erickson, Hunter Erickson, Hudson Erickson, Jaden Oh, Maggie Collera, Kaitlyn Hetsko, Cecilia Lopez, Hailey Wiltse


LA Young Pianist Competition: Andrew Tang – 3rd Place – this competition attracts top students from LA and adjacent counties in CA



John, Claire, and Catherine getting their CAPMT Solo and Ensemble Audition Trophies and National Piano Guild Auditions Certificates

California Association of Professional Music Teachers Solo and Ensemble Auditions: Catherine Howard, John Howard, Claire Howard, Meijke Balay-Mickelson, Andrew Maravel, Andrew Tang, Maggie Liu – all received Superior Rating an invited to perform at State Festival



MTAC-TV Sonata/Sonatina Festival: Andrew Tang – Superior


Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music: Jason Hu – passed Grade 6 International Piano Exam with Merit


American Protege International Piano Competition 2012: Andrew Tang – Honorable Mention – this is an international competition attracting young performers from all over the world. Winners are invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York.



Chanelle, Cheryl, and Charmaine getting their first MTAC Certificate of Merit and Theory Trophy

MTAC Certificate of Merit: Maggie Liu – passed Level 5, selected for Temecula Valley Branch Honors; Fiona Harley, Charmaine Tan, Chanelle Tan, Cheryl Tan – passed Prep Level; Charmaine and Chanelle received 100% Theory Trophy



Andrew and Maggie at Steinway Competition

Steinway Society Competition 2012: Maggie Liu – youngest student selected to participate; Andrew Tang – Scholarship Winner. This is a highly selective and competitive event attracting the best students from Inland Empire.


Southern California Junior Bach Festival: Andrew Tang – Riverside Branch Winner, California Region VI Winner, selected to compete in State Final. This festival is very competitive. Andrew competed in the Riverside Branch Festival (there is no festival in Temecula due to our small student population), was selected as a winner, went on to compete with winners from other branches in southern California, was selected again as a winner, and will compete in the Complete Works Audition later in the year.




Kaitlyn doing her first TVMTA Music Festival

TVMTA Music Festival (May): Silver Medals – Shania Jin, Sophie Luyen, Hailey Wiltse, Meijke Balay-Mickelson, Andrew Maravel, Cecilia Lopez; Gold Medals – Thien Sa Luyen, Sam Luyen, Maggie Liu, Kaitlyn Hetsko, Josh Barber, Fiona Harley


Glendale Piano Competition 2012: Andrew Tang – Honorable Mention. This is perhaps the most competitive event in southern California, attracting the very best students from LA, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego counties. The repertoire performed in this competition is college level and beyond.



Andrew, winner of TVMTA Young Artist Competition

5th TVMTA Young Artist Piano Competition (June): Maggie Liu – 1st Place in Grades 4-6 Division ; Andrew Tang – 1st Place in Grades 7-8 Division.



JP doing his first National Piano Guild audition

National Piano Guild Auditions (June): Alexa Willis, Catherine Howard, John Howard, Claire Howard, Jay Chen, Hans Chen, Maggie Liu, Meijke Balay-Mickelson, Sebastian Mejia, Lorenzo Mejia, Josh Barber, JP Roseli. These students auditioned from Elementary A to Intermediate F levels – all are Gold National/International Winners (10-20 memorized pieces).


TVMTA Benefit Concert: Hunter Erickson, Catherine Howard, and Andrew Tang performed at the TVMTA Student Scholarship Benefit Concert.

National Piano Guild Auditions (July): Emma Erickson, Hudson Erickson, Hunter Erickson, Sam Luyen, Thien Sa Luyen, Sophie Luyen, Cecilia Lopez, Hailey Wiltse, Fiona Harley, Kaitlyn Hetsko, Jason Hu – to be evaluated on July 3.


Sebastian and Lorenzo at Studio Summer Recital

I am extremely proud of all my students! I know these accomplishments are the results of hard work and dedication. While music study is not all about exams and competitions, students do work harder when they have a clear goal. My job is always to challenge each and every one of my students and help them reach their full potential.

Emma, Hudson, and Hunter at Studio Summer Recital

As my studio expands, I am always seeking new opportunities for my students. There is a new music exam system called the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program, which was just launched in the United States earlier this year, and I am looking forward to preparing students for this exciting new national standard. I am proud to say that because so many of our students do so well in the National Piano Guild auditions, I have been certified by the American College of Musicians and awarded the National Honor Roll of Guild Teachers since 2009. I am one of few local teachers belonging to both MTAC and MTNA – these are two separate professional music teachers organizations, each providing unique and valuable student testing, performance, and competition opportunities. I have successfully maintained professional certification with MTNA since 2006.

Fiona and Hailey at TVMTA Music Festival

As a teacher, I also value every opportunity to undertake professional development, to keep up to date with the latest piano pedagogy methods and materials. I am a reviewer for Alfred Publications and a blog author for Music Teachers Helper. I frequently attend state and national music teachers conventions. I went to the MTNA convention in New York in March, and will be attending the MTAC convention in San Diego from June 29-July 3. As a performer, I frequently accompany local musicians and perform in various ensembles.

I would like to thank the students’ parents and families, for supporting the students in all of the above mentioned events – by giving them the opportunity to study music, you have given them a wonderful gift that will last a lifetime!

Thank you, and I look forward to working hard with all of you again in the new school year!


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