Guild Audition Checklist

The National Piano Guild offers the largest nationwide piano auditions available in the US. There are more than 850 audition centers and every year thousands of students participate. There are two audition centers close to us:

Temecula – 32464 Bergamo Court Temecula CA 92592 – auditions usually held over one weekend in early June.
San Diego – 354 E. Grand Ave. Escondido CA 92025 – auditions usually held over two weeks in July.


Read my Audition Tips here.

1. Dress as you would in a recital. Judges appreciate students taking auditions seriously – your appearance sets the tone for your performance. Make sure your fingernails are trimmed!

2. Bring your music for the judge. No music = no audition. Parents please help students label and bookmark their pieces in the books so the judge can find the music quickly. Open and arrange the books in the order of performance.
3. Certificate/Report Card – I will give this to you before the audition. You must bring it to the audition! On the report card, write the composer names and titles of composition in the order that you will be performing. Fill out “student age” and “length of study with current teacher” on the right hand side. To determine length of study, use the guideline published in the Guild Syllabus. Notice summer vacations should be subtracted. (See picture)
4. Be there at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time. You need some time to ‘get in the mood’ once you arrive. Allow time for traffic/parking, especially if this is your first time and you have never been to the audition center before.
5. The Temecula Center is at a local piano teacher’s private residence. When you arrive, do not ring the front door bell. Go to the side gate and make your way to the backyard. Wait there until you are called. Only the student is allowed to go into the audition room. Parents must wait outside or in the car. For young students who need the pedal extender, parents may go in to set that up for the student.
6. When it is your turn, say hello to the judge, hand over your music and report card, walk to the piano, look at the judge, smile, bow, then sit down. Adjust the bench (it may be too close or too far away), move the pedal extender away if you don’t need it (or make sure it is there if you need it), find the pedals, take a deep breath, and begin your program. Give the judge a little time in between pieces to write your report. When you finish, bow, say thank you to the judge, and collect your music. The certificates/report cards will be mailed back to me.
7. Remember to play the scale and cadences (chords) before each piece (unless you are doing Elementary A level). If it is one that you have already done, tell the judge what key it is, and that you have already played it earlier.
8. I may or may not be there, but I will be thinking of you! All of you have worked hard for this and I know you will do a good job. Have a great audition, enjoy your performances, and all the best of luck!

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