Piano Notes – Studio Newsletter January 2014


Happy New Year!

We had a fantastic studio holiday recital on Dec 21. 42 students performed, including two adults. Congratulations to all the students! Photos coming soon!

January Schedule

I will be accompanying for a flute convention on January 17-18. There will be no lessons on those dates.

We have many students doing the Inland Empire Piano Competition in February and the Certificate of Merit exam in March. Please put in extra practice this month to get ready!

image2-e1393149926789-300x224Student of the Month – Wayne Christensen

Wayne is 47 years old and happily married to his wife of 20 years, Deborah. He is a pilot for United Parcel Service, and also for the USAF Reserves.

He took piano lessons in his youth, but after graduating from high school in 1984 he did not play again for 26 years. Then, three years ago, his mother-in-law, Darlene Sabol, gave him her Petrof piano.

“The joy of playing the piano was rekindled inside me and now I appreciate every chance I get to play. I love the experience of learning and being creative. It is quite invigorating for me.”

After playing on his own for two years Wayne decided he needed proper instruction. He came to Yiyi’s studio in November 2012 and is making steady progress.

This year he learned to play music by Schumann, Chopin, Haydn, and Scarlatti, and many others.

“I think learning to play the piano is similar to learning to fly an airplane. You have to practice and work hard in order to get better and gain proficiency. And if you follow the rules and techniques, and apply a little ingenuity, they both have the ability to transport you to new and exciting places.”

Wayne is learning so much by playing anything and everything, and also by composing with the use of Myriad’s Harmony Assistant software.

“I hope that as I become a better pianist I will write more sophisticated and beautiful songs about love and happiness, loss and sadness, and the wisdom and philosophy I have attained in 47 years of life. Then maybe I will publish a songbook for all to enjoy called the Musical Poetry of Wayne Christensen.”

Wayne has performed in two studio recitals and is such an inspiration for all the adult students in the studio. I am so happy and proud that his piece “Father in Heaven (The Lord’s Prayer)” has been accepted for digital publication on SheetMusicPlus!



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