Piano Notes – Studio Newsletter January 2012

January Group Classes

Group A (7 years old and under): Friday Jan 20, 5pm

Group B (8-11 years old): Friday Jan 27, 5pm

Group C (12 years old and older, plus intermediate levels or beyond): Saturday Jan 21, 12pm

Student Opportunities

There are many upcoming performance and assessment opportunities that are available to our students. All students are always welcome to participate in recitals. For music festivals and auditions that are adjudicated, students should have at least one year of study, and be prepared to put in extra practice. Competitions are recommended for serious students who are highly motivated, have plenty audition experience, and have demonstrated consistent practice habit throughout the year. If you are unsure whether you are ready to participate in a particular event, just email me! If you are ready to register for an event, email me to let me know what it is, and I must receive your registration fee by the deadline. Due to the large number of student events I must keep track of, I will not always have time to send reminders, and if your registration fee is not received, you will not be able to participate.

Southern California Junior Bach Festival

Date: February 26

Venue: Riverside City College New Digital Library, 4800 Magnolia Avenue

Cost: $20 (additional $35 if selected to go to Regional Festival)

Registration deadline: Jan 20

Additional Info: you must already have learned and memorized (or be prepared to memorize quickly) any piece of music by Bach.

TVMTA Spring Recital

Date: March 17

Venue: Grace Presbyterian Church

Cost: $10 per student

Registration deadline: Feb 15

TVMTA Spring Music Festival

Date: May 5

Venue: TBA

Cost: $20

Registration deadline: Feb 29

Additional info: This festival is adjudicated. Gold medal winners will be invited to perform at Honors Recital. This is not a competition, and everyone has the potential to earn a gold medal, as students are not judged in comparison to others, but on their own performance, so if you do a good job, you can get a gold! Only one memorized piece is required this year. Click here for festival information and entry form.

Temecula Valley Young Artist Piano Competition

Date: June 2

Venue: Grace Presbyterian Church

Cost: $30

Registration deadline: March 30

Additional info: Although the competition is not until June, interested students should let me know so we can start selecting and preparing appropriate music. This is a competition, and I would recommend it for serious students who have studied for at least a couple years and who have shown consistent hard work. Click here for competition details and entry form.

National Piano Guild Auditions

This year’s Guild Auditionsare held in Temecula from June 3-4, as well as San Marcos from July 1-14. If you are new to piano auditions, this is a good one to do as your first audition experience! It is also a good audition to do for seasoned players, to work towards International programs, as well as their High School Piano Diploma before finishing High School. The audition in Temecula has limited spaces, and is not guaranteed. Last year most of our students participated in the San Marcos audition center. Click here to see last year’s audition results. I will request to have our auditions on July 7-8, but again this is not guaranteed. We will be notified of our exact time once we submit our registrations. If you prefer the Temecula center, we can request to have it on June 3, but you must be also prepared to do the audition on June 4, which is a Monday, and the audition runs from 8am – 6pm.


  • Pledge, Local, District, State (1-9 pieces): $35
  • National (10 pieces): $45
  • International (15 pieces): $55 (for students with 45 min weekly lessons)
  • International (20 pieces): $60 (for students with 60 min weekly lessons)

Registration deadline: January 31. To register, you must read the Parents Letter and sign the Registration Form. I must receive your signed form and registration fee by the due date.

Glendale Piano Competition

This is for highly motivated and accomplished students. Registration has not officially opened yet, but you may find out more by going to the website. If you are interested, you should let me know so we can discuss repertoire requirements. Students who are interested should have plenty audition and/or competition experience, and has shown exceptional practice record.

Student Activities

Maggie performing at CAPMT state festival

On Jan 14, Maggie Liu performed at the CAPMT state festival. 7 of our students were selected, but Maggie was the only one that was able to go. Well done, Maggie!

On March 3, the following students will sit their MTAC Certificate of Merit test: Charmaine, Chanelle and Cheryl Tan, Fiona Harley, and Maggie Liu. I hope you are all doing extra practice!

Andrew Tang and Maggie Liu have submitted application to participate in the Steinway Society of Riverside Festival Competition. Good luck to them!

Andrew Tang has submitted application for American Protege International Piano Competition. Good luck, Andrew!


My goal as a teacher is to help each and every student achieve their full potential. I am fully aware that not all students are suited to competitions and rigorous practice routines. Piano study is not all about auditions and festivals, yet most students do work harder when they have a goal. All students can benefit from participating in some form of music auditions. That is why in my studio, I offer many different opportunities for students. There is something for everyone and every level of skills and ability. I also welcome parents to discuss with me what their goals for piano study are for their children. If anyone knows of other festivals or events that may be suitable for our students, please do not hesitate to let me know!












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