Piano Notes – Studio Newsletter April 2016

Southern California Junior Bach Festival

On April 9, our studio had 11 students participate in the Southern California Junior Bach Festival. I am extremely proud of everyone’s performance, as they clearly stood out that day. Out of 6 Branch Winners, 5 are from our studio, out of 4 Alternates, 3 are from our studio, and we also have two Honorable Mentions. Congratulations to everyone!


Branch Winners: Ally, Emma Erickson, Claire Howard, Shania Jin, Fiona Harley

Alternates: Hudson Erickson, Hunter Erickson, Cameron Chang

Honorable Mentions: Kaitlyn Hetsko, Charmaine Tan


Temecula Spring Festival Auditions

On April 16, our studio had 5 students participate in the Festival Auditions organized by Temecula Valley Music Teachers Association. All received Gold Medal! Congratulations to Nadia Cioffi, Kristen Law, Kaitlyn Hetsko, Jeffrey Kim, and Meijke Balay-Mickelson. 


Grieg Lyric Pieces YouTube Competition

We have three students doing this competition – Lucas Schaefer, Shania Jin, and Ally. Good luck to them!


Student of the Month – Lily Corse

Lily is eleven years old , the fourth of six children, ages 21 to 7. She has played piano off and on for a few years, and is progressing more rapidly now with Yiyi. Lily likes her very much, and her mom is enjoying the music she fills the house with!

Lily also enjoys soccer and is happy to be part of a team this spring. She loves to be outdoors, whether rain or shine, playing, walking, or leading her younger siblings on an escapade. Being very much in the middle she really appreciates being included in the older kids’ activities.

Lily is part of an AWANA club at church where they learn the Bible, recite verses, and play games. She has an active imagination, loves to tell stories, and is often found curled up with a good book.

We are looking hopefully forward to many more years of beautiful music with Yiyi.


Teacher Comment – Lily is absolutely any teacher’s dream student! She completes her homework assignments (and I give her many) to such a high standard every week, that they are recital-ready, even exam-worthy. She is meticulous, and sets a very high bar for herself. I appreciate her diligence, as well as her responsiveness to my instructions. She listens to everything I have to say (and remembers), and is very interactive in the lessons. It is always a joy to see and hear her every week. She plays so well that it is hard to remember she is a relatively new student in the studio! She will do the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program exam Level 2 next month, as well as the Temecula Young Artist Piano Competition. Good luck, Lily, I know you will do well!

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