Piano Notes – Studio Newsletter July 2011


The studio welcomes new students Kaitlyn Hetsko and May Deischter to the studio. We also welcome Caleb and Joshua Patrick back to the studio; Caleb was a student from 2009-2010 but moved to San Diego last year. It is great to have you back, Caleb!

Summer Recital

24 students performed at our Summer Studio Recital on July 2 at The Piano Warehouse Recital Hall in San Marcos: Anna Ingram; Sophie, Thien-Sa and Sam Luyen; JP Roseli; Fiona Harley; Edwin and Elina Kuang; Jason Hu; Emma, Hudson and Hunter Erickson; Nadia and Sonja Muirhead; Andrew Tang; Manuela, Andreas and Joshua Shaefer; Sebastian Mejia; Alexa, Cole and Moises Willis; Hailey Wiltse; Andrew Maravel.
The youngest student was Anna, at 3 years old; one adult student, Manuela, also performed. I am so proud of everyone, especially those that performed for the first time!
Click here to see pictures.

Student Accomplishments

The studio has been very busy this year; many of our students participated in various local, state, and national performance and assessment opportunities. These achievements were recognized at the recital. Congratulations to the following students:

Music Teachers Association of California -Temecula Valley Sonata/Sonatina Festival: Catherine Howard – Superior Rating, awarded trophy

California Association of Professional Music Teachers Piano Auditions: Jay Chen, Hans Chen, Catherine Howard, Katie Ocampo – Superior Rating, invited to perform for State Convention

Temecula Valley Music Teachers Association Student Recitals: Sam Luyen, Thien Sa Luyen, John Howard, Claire Howard, Catherine Howard, Katie Ocampo, Maggie Liu, Brennan Ruderman, Shania Jin, Meijke Balay-Mickelson – performed at Temecula United Methodist Church

MTAC-TV Student Musicale Recital: Jaden Oh, Sophie Luyen, Sam Luyen, Thien Sa Luyen, Maggie Liu, Meijke-Balay-Mickelson – performed at Temecula Public Library

Associate Board of the Royal Schools of Music: Jason Hu – passed Grade 5 Theory with Distinction

MTAC Certificate of Merit: Catherine Howard – passed Level 5, selected for Temecula Valley Branch Honors

TVMTA Music Festival: Shania Jin, Thien Sa and Sam Luyen, Hailey Wiltse, Meijke Balay-Mickelson, Andreas Shaefer, Maggie Liu, Andrew Tang and Katie Ocampo – all received Superior Rating and awarded Double Gold Medal

National Piano Guild Auditions (May): Alexa Willis, Olivia Melton, Maggie Liu, Meijke Balay-Mickelson and Aubrey Mitschang – all are Gold winners

TVMTA Young Artist Piano Competition: Maggie Liu – participated, Andrew Tang – 2nd prize winner

National Piano Guild Auditions (July):

Emma, Hudson and Hunter Erickson, Manuela, Andreas and Joshua Shaefer, Sam and Thien Sa Luyen, Julia Choi, Jay and Hans Chen, Catherine, Claire and John Howard, Katie Ocampo, Andrew Tang, Hailey Wiltse – all are Gold winners

Click here to see the results.

In addition, the following special awards were presented at the recital:

Music Teachers National Association 2-year Music Study AwardManuela Shaefer – Manuela was my first student in Murrieta, when I moved from Long Island to CA in September 2009. She came to my Murrieta Studio Grand Open Day, and has been a hard-working student ever since! Two of her sons, Joshua and Andreas, are also studying the piano now.
Solfege Singing ModelJoshua Shaefer – I teach all young beginners in Solfege and ask that they always sing in Solfege when they play. Joshua started lessons when he was 5 years old, and has been the most conscientious student in this area, consistently singing and counting every note every time he comes to his lessons! He just turned 6 years old, and is sitting his first National Piano Guild Auditions next week, performing an Elementary B National program (10 memorized pieces).
Most Improved StudentEmma Erickson – Emma is 5 years old, and started lessons in January this year. She is the youngest student from the studio sitting the National Piano Guild Auditions, performing a 10-piece memorized National Program. She has worked very hard and improved tremendously.
Studio ScholarshipAndrew Tang – Andrew has been a very hard working student. He received Double Gold Medal in the Temecula Music Festival, and is performing an International Program (20 memorized pieces) for the National Piano Guild Auditions. Earlier in June, he participated in the Temecula Young Artist Piano Competition and was awarded 2nd place winner. There were 20 participants in his age group, and everyone was absolutely amazing. Andrew also plays the Clarinet and has recently been accepted into the Inland Valley Youth Orchestra.

Studio Scholarships

I will award studio scholarships to deserving students. To qualify, the student must register for either 45 min or 60 min weekly lessons, participate in studio recitals as well as two other outside events, and score a minimum of 30 Commendations at National Piano Guild Auditions (other achievements of similar standard will also be considered). The value of the scholarship is $10 off monthly tuition for 45 min lessons, or $20 off monthly tuition for 60 min lessons, for one year.

To be considered for Studio Scholarship, please email Yiyi.

New Studio Equipments

The studio has recently acquired two new equipments: the pedal extender and Blue Yeti Pro professional USB microphone. The pedal extender will allow younger students to start using the pedals correctly, and the Yeti Pro will give a more professional recording sound for making student audition CDs.

Fall Schedule

Registrations are now open for 2011-2012 school year. All students intending to return to lessons must register online using the new studio registration form to create an account with a password. If you are taking summer break in addition to the two-week studio break (July 17-31), remember I may not be able to hold your current lesson time if another student needs it. Weekdays from 3:30-6:30pm are highly desirable time slots, and students who continue lessons over the summer will be given first preference when choosing new lesson times for Fall.
For students who are advancing into intermediate levels or beyond, or who wish to advance more quickly, please consider registering for longer lesson time frames. This is necessary as the repertoire becomes longer and more substantial. I have invested a lot of my personal time in giving extended lessons during the first year that I relocated my studio to Murrieta; my current schedule no longer allows that, and students who need the extra time must register accordingly.
Remember, your tuition not only covers the actual lesson time, but also my personal time spent thinking about each particular student, sourcing and developing appropriate teaching materials, acquiring and maintaing studio equipments, attending student performance and assessment events, maintaining professional memberships and certifications, and undergoing professional developments. I do value each and every one of my students, and l believe that all my students benefit from being part of a vibrant studio.
Have a great summer, everyone, and I look forward to seeing you after the studio break!

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