Piano Notes – Studio Newsletter January 2016

Holiday Benefit Concert

We had fun at this concert organized by former student Andrew Tang and the Riverside Young Musicians Club. This was the club’s first fundraising event, and $195 was raised for Animal Friends of the Valley. Andrew’s family donated the library rental fee as well as all the refreshments. Andrew showed great leadership skills by organizing this concert, and I am proud to be the advisor of his club. Andrew is not only a fantastic pianist, but boasts an impressive SAT score of 2380 – above 99% of all students nationwide! He hopes to organize more concerts in the future, providing performance opportunities for musicians as well as contributing to the community.

Temecula Valley Symphony Colors of Music Chamber Music Concert

I will be playing in this concert on January 16 at the Grace Presbyterian Church in Temecula. Included in the program is a whimsical piece for woodwinds, brass, percussion and piano, titled “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland!” by Southern California composer Steven Mahpar. Many of our students are interested in composition – you must attend this concert as this piece is a wonderful example of contemporary texture and timbre, with lots of interesting interplay between the various instruments. Another piece in the program is “Fireflies” for Piccolo and Piano by Herman Beeftink – I will be playing with my dear friend Kate Prestia-Schaub. The concert starts at 2pm, I hope to see you there! 


Congratulations to our student Elsa Long. Elsa has been invited to perform at the Royal Conservatory Music Developmemt Program  Southern California Festival of Excellence on Saturday, January 16, 2016 at USC Newman Recital Hall. Elsa won the highest score for her level last year at the Temecula exam center. Well done, Elsa!

Mozart’s Birthday Celebration Recital

Our studio is once again invited by Temecula City Community Services to present a concert to celebrate Mozart’s Birthday. The concert will be held at 7pm on January 27, 2016 at Temecula Public Library on Pauba Road. Last year the room was packed – many people from the community attended and we were featured in the local newspaper. The concert is free, and cake will be served at the end.

Student of the Month – Ally

Ally is turning 10 this month. She began studying piano at the age of five and a half and composing last year.  She enjoys going to the Symphony orchestra concerts, singing along and memorizing all the songs she likes. Also she enjoys to watch musical theater plays and she’s currently casting for Mrs. Hannigan from Annie Jr. at her school.
Ally shows positive attitude and dedication on all of the aspects that interest her, from chess and music to music composition. She’s the winner of the national PTA reflections program in music composition from her school, the entire School District and competing right now at the County level. She is an avid reader, especially anything related to Pokémon and Pikachu. Ally is active in sport including wall ball, volleyball, running, roller skating, swimming and Taekwondo. She’s working hard to achieve her black belt in May this year. 
Ally is very excited to study piano with Ms. Yiyi and ready to improve her playing and composing. She likes challenges and works hard on all her assignments, with the goal to become the best.

Teacher comment: I have heard Ally many times in local competitions and have been impressed by how quickly she has improved over the last couple years. Ally is obviously very talented and hard working. I am excited to have her in my studio and look forward to helping her achieve her goals. 

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