Supplementary Teaching Resources

As the school year comes to an end, I have started to look for summer teaching ideas and new teaching resources for my studio. Summer is a great time to introduce supplementary materials; often during the school year we are so busy working on repertoire in preparation for various music recitals/auditions/festivals/competitions, that there is little time left in the lessons to explore other possibilities. I have come across the following three outstanding series and am excited to try them over the summer months:

Creative Composition Toolbox by Wynn-Anne Rossi

This is hands-down THE BEST step-by-step guide for teaching and learning to compose!

I first came across Wynn-Anne Rossi’s music via her outstanding Surprising Solos series, and have always been impressed by her ability to capture the attention and imagination of young students. This new series is no exception. It contains 6 books, suitable for early beginners to late intermediate students. Each book contains 10 composition tools/ideas, and each tool is presented in a concise, two-page format.

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