Piano Notes – Studio Newsletter January 2013

Holiday Recital 2012Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Thank you to everyone who came to our holiday recital. The students played so well!

MTAC Student Recital

The following students have signed up to play at the Music Teachers Association of California Student Musicale Recital on January 19 at the Temecula Public Library on Pauba Road:

Hailey Wiltse, Josh Barber, Kelly Barber, Reagan Barber, Ron Lycan, Meijke Balay-Mickelson, Catherine Howard, John Howard, Claire Howard, Rachel Hong, Charys Hong, Noelle Hong, Jeffrey Kim, Grace Couturier, Jake Servin, Shania Jin

These recitals are organized by local music teachers associations and are wonderful opportunities for students to gain performance experience. They are separate from the studio recitals which we do twice a year. These recitals run about one hour in length each, and usually feature vocal students, string students, flute students, as well as piano students. There will be several sessions that day and exact starting times will be mailed to the students closer to the date.

TVMTA Masterclass

Date: February 23

What: Click here to read

Who should participate: students that have signed up to do CAPMT evaluations, MTAC Certificate of Merit, National Piano Guild auditions, or other similar tests. Interested students should email me and let me know by Jan 12.

TVMTA Student Recital

Date: March 2

What: Click here to read

Who should participate: anyone who wants to perform or gain performance experience, including beginners! Interested students should email me and let me know by Jan 31.

Inland Valley Symphony Library Recital

I will be performing a recital on January 12 at the Grace Mellman Library. The recital will start at 2pm and is part of Inland Valley Symphony Library Recital Series. I will play solo works as well as accompany two outstanding flutists in our area: Kara Wuchner and Kate Prestia-Schaub. The concert is free! Hope to see you there!

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