Legacy in Film – Music of John Williams

This Saturday on May 26, I will have the pleasure of playing in the Inland Valley Symphony Orchestra in the closing concert of their 2011-2012 season – Legacy in Film, featuring music of John Williams. This promises to be an exciting concert, with famous film music such as Star Wars, Superman Returns, Harry Potter, Saving Private Ryan, The Patriot, and more! You can purchase tickets by clicking on this link.

I had my first rehearsal last Thursday, and this is what I had to sight-read:

“Joy” of Tacet
play like a madman at the keyboard!
solution for crazy 32nds – use two hands


The percussion section of the orchestra sounds totally awesome! In Superman Returns, I have 7 measures where I can play any notes I want. The music actually says “Freakout – like a madman at the keyboard!

As a pianist, I am used to reading the whole score and not single part – I need to practice counting my numerous silent measures and come in at the right time!

After some redistribution, the 32nd notes in Harry Potter aren’t so bad.

I look forward to the dress rehearsal and this amazing concert. If you are planning to go, buy your tickets NOW, as this concert WILL be sold out!

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