Piano Notes – Studio Newsletter December 2010

Welcome to New Students

Welcome to Jason Hu, new student to the studio.

Thien-Sa, Sophie, Sam
Claire, John, Catherine

TVMTA Recital

The following students performed at the Temecula Valley Music Teachers Association Student Recital on Oct 30 at the Temecula United Methodist Church: Sam and Thien-Sa Luyen, Claire, John, and Catherine Howard. They all did a great job! These recitals provide excellent performance opportunities for students. Throughout the year there are many recital opportunities, and students are encouraged to participate in as many events as possible, in order to gain experience and practice performing in front of an audience. This prepares them for formal auditions and festivals later.

Catherine (left)

MTAC -TV Sonata/Sonatina Festival

Catherine Howard performed at the Music Teachers Association of California -Temecula Valley Sonata/Sonatina Festival on Nov 13 at the Temecula Public Library. This was an adjudicated event; Catherine scored a top rating of 5, and will be receiving a trophy. Congratulations, Catherine!

CAPMT – Piano and Ensemble Auditions

Hans and Jay Chen, Katie Ocampo, and Catherine Howard participated in the California Association of Professional Music Teachers Auditions on November 20. This was an adjudicated event. Each student  had to prepare two memorized solos, as well as play in an ensemble. Hans and Jay performed Category Six selections, and accompanied each other in their duet performance, while Katie and Catherine performed Category Seven selections and accompanied each other. I am happy to announce that everyone received the top rating of 5, and will be invited to play at the CAPMT Southern Festival as part of the CAPMT convention in Feb next year! This is a fantastic achievement! Congratulations to all of them!

National Piano Guild Auditions

It is time to register and plan for the next National Piano Guild Auditions. This audition is for everyone. I strongly recommand everyone to participate; there are many different categories to suit every age and level. Students learn a tremendous amount from participating in music auditions (please read my blog post on the Benefits of Music Auditions). The audition is in June, and we need to register as a group in January. Registration fees differ depending on level and number of pieces entered. Students receive a detailed evaluation report, Certificate, as well as a Guild Pin. I will send out registration forms in December.

Studio Holiday Recital

The next studio recital will be held on Dec 4 at the Grace Presbyterian Church in Temecula. The recital will start at 2:30pm and will finish by 4pm. The following students will be performing:

Brennan Gale-Ruderman, Joshua, Andreas and Manuela Schaefer, Arianna Rabago, Jaedon Oh, Hudson and Hunter Erickson, Daniel and Julia Choi, Hailey Wiltse, Hans and Jay Chen, Sebastian Mejia, Alexa Willis, Olivia Melton, Shania Jin, Meijke Balay-Mickelson, Katie Ocampo.

Everyone is welcome to come! There are going to be lots of fantastic performances, including solos and duets, and classical as well as holiday music. New students are especially encouraged to attend, so they can learn what our studio recitals are all about, and join us next time.

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