Metronome for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

I am always on the lookout for great music Apps for my iPad. Today, while browsing on twitter, I discovered a MUST HAVE, FREE App – the Steinway Metronome. There are many metronome Apps on the market; most of the free ones are unreliable, not to mention inaccurate time keeping. The Steinway Metronome App is beautiful to look at, easy to use, and the features are great! Apart from the standard features such as various time signatures, flash settings (all beats, downbeats, or none), it has a “Tap” mode which allows you to find the tempo of a piece by tapping along! No more guessing! It also displays the corresponding Italian term for the current tempo – very useful for students. The only feature that is currently missing is variety of click sounds – a small inconvenience, considering the App is free. I look forward to future updates!

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