Piano Notes – Studio Newsletter September 2014

Welcome to the New Studio Year

September marks the beginning of the new school year for our studio. I am so excited for our students as we have many programs lined up this year. To help you plan the year, I have listed important event dates on the Studio Calendar.

I highly recommend all students to participate in the studio recitals – one in December and one in June. Other recital events organized by local music teachers associations are highly recommended as well for everyone, for example the upcoming Halloween and Fall recitals. For Festival and Competition Track students, there are also numerous assessment and competition opportunities. Please always feel free to email me if you would like to find out more about a particular event.

I am particularly excited about the following events that are new this year:

  1. Mozart Birthday Celebration Recital – Our studio has been invited by the Temecula City Council to participate in a special recital to celebrate Mozart’s Birthday. The recital is planned on Jan 27, 2015 at 7pm at the Temecula Public Library on Pauba Road. Birthday cake will be served after the recital!
  2. I have been invited to present at MTNA National Conference in March, 2015 in Las Vegas. I will be bringing some of our students to perform at the conference as part of my presentation on accelerated approach to teaching beginning and intermediate students.
  3. As mentioned in the August newsletter, every student in our studio will be automatically enrolled in the MTNA Music Achievement Award Program this year. The studio will sponsor the event for every student. I will set achievement goals for each student and you will receive a list. Awards will be presented at the Studio Summer Recital 2015.

September Performance Schedule

September 13, 3pm – Our student Kelly Rausch will be performing at the MTAC Student Musicale Recital at Temecula Public Library (Pauba Road).

September 20, 2pm – Our student Emma Erickson will be performing at the Inland Valley Symphony Library Recital Series at Grace Mellman Library. The program will feature some very talented young students from the Temecula region, and I will also be performing with Inland Valley Symphony Principal Flutist Kate Prestia-Schaub. The recital is free and open to the public.

Student of the Month – Sam Luyen


Sam is 14 years old. Sam just started high school this year. He’s very excited to be at Vista Murrieta High School. He has been taking piano lessons with Yiyi for 4 years now. Since taking lessons with Yiyi, Sam has participated in National Piano Guild Auditions every year. He’s very proud to have earned Superior + for this year’s audition. Sam also took Certificate of Merit Exam, and earned Branch Honors. He’s now enrolled in the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. Besides school work and piano lessons, Sam is also a member of the Temecula’s Gold Swim Team. Sam made a break to the Junior Olympics Swim team during the summer. He now swims 2 hours a day, trying hard to get to the big National swim meet next year. With all these activities, Sam hopes to complete all his goals to achieve the Bronze Medal Congressional Award in the next year or so. Congressional Award is awarded by Congress to youths to recognize “initiative, service and achievement in young people.”

When he has free time, Sam enjoys computer games, reading, playing tennis and watching ghost movies.

Teacher Comment: Sam is another one of my busy teenagers, who not only manages to keep up with piano, but also excels in his academic studies and sports. I always believe that students who study music also do well at school, as they learn so many life skills such as time management, meeting deadlines, accepting constructive criticisms, setting goals for oneself and setting higher and higher standards of achievement. Sam has made a lot of progress throughout the years, and I am so happy he has accepted the challenge to participate in the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program this year. Not only will this rigorous program benefit his piano technique and musicianship, it will surely enhance his overall portfolio as a successful youth with many skills under his belt. Keep up the great work, Sam!

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