Alfred Premier Piano Course

Recently I attended an Alfred Piano & Keyboard Workshop given by Dr. Gayle Kowalchyk, senior keyboard editor at Alfred Publishing. The workshop was organized and hosted by The Piano Warehouse San Marcos CA, and was well attended and received by enthusiastic piano teachers from southern California.

I always love to go to these publisher workshops. As an independent piano teacher in the 21st century, I feel it is very important to know the variety of method books and teaching resources that are available through many fine publishers of educational materials. While some methods are tried and true, and I certainly have my favorites that I stock up throughout the year, it is always refreshing to see what’s new. I also strongly believe in supporting living composers. By using a variety of books and music from different publishers featuring different contemporary composers, I know that come recital time, the students will all have different and interesting pieces to play, and the lessons are more fun for me as well, as I get to listen to a variety of pieces instead of the same things over and over! Read full story at

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